Kenneth Soldano,
owner and General Contractor

   Growing up in the Seattle area, Kenny developed a true appreciation for its buildings and architecture.  It didn't take long to decide on the path he wanted to take and put his interests and talents to good use.
After serving as a carpenter's apprentice and learning the ropes of remodel back in 2007, Kenny discovered a passion for work well done. Using his University of Washington Civil Engineering degree by combining structural design with getting his hands dirty, he began Solid Rock Remodel.

   From a simple concept to a fully designed project, from demolition to the finishing touches, he enjoys every step of the process.  Above all, helping people is his goal, with quality work and attention to detail at the core of every project.
    "We aim to turn visions into realities and pride ourselves on a job well done."
- Kenny

Natalie Soldano, co-owner and Administrative Manager

Putting her Creative Writing degree to use, Natalie's roll is largely behind the scenes (and words) of Solid Rock Remodel. However, she has been seen wielding a hammer and pouring some concrete a time or two. Whether out in the field, behind the computer, or holding down the homefront, she has a hand in every job and helps to ensure every client feels like a priority to SRR.