Trim & Crown Molding

We install window cases, door trims, base molding, chair rails and crown molding in a variety of materials: clear hemlock, MDF and oak. Adding or replacing the trim in your home is a way to drastically change the appearance of a room. From thick Victorian style trims to elegant hardwood, we take the time to make sure seams and corners are perfectly aligned.



The typical door installation, a “pre-hung” door comes with the door attached to its frame. The lockset holes come pre-drilled and ready for handles. You can decide on door material, texture, and size. The door and frame are installed into the opening as one piece.


This method is used when the existing door frame is going to be saved. Installing slab doors requires a large amount of carpentry skill and care. With a slab door installation, the existing door is removed and the new door is field cut to fit the opening. The lockset holes are cut to match and the hinges are mortised to match the existing door frame by the carpenter rather than at the factory.